Frequently Asked Questions

Am I kinky enough to see a Dominatrix?

Since you are on this website, yes, you are. A great definition of kinky is being turned on by anything that is taboo to you. It is subjective and covers a wide range of play. It is key to discuss your kinks and fantasies with whomever you play with. Before you apply for a session, be sure to read My hard limits on My about page.

How can I make a good impression with a Dominatrix?

Do Not slide into Her DM's with Hi, Hey Hun, U Up, etc. Read Her website or Social Media profile to find out how She wants to communicate. Don't see DM's as an option? Don't do it.

If She has an application for sessions, make sure to fill it out completely and thoughtfully. And send a gift or a tribute. That is always appreciated.

Always address your Dominatrix by Her title or what's known as an honorific. Some go by Mistress, others Domina. If you are not sure, ask humbly and respectfully. That goes for any boundary or rule. Follow Her rules to the letter.

Can't I just talk to you?

Yes. I am on Niteflirt and Sext Panther.

Where is your dungeon located?

I am in a very discreet location in Central Marin County.

Is spanking or flogging always part of the session?

No. Every session is a unique creation based on that delicious sweet spot where Mine and your kinks and fantasies intersect. So if spanking, flogging or discipline with other implements are not your thing, I don't include them.

Will you leave with marks on my body?

I have a thorough consultation with everyone before a session and one of the questions I always ask is how my client/sub feels about marks. If they are not ok with it, then it does not happen. If they are, I ask what kind of marks are ok, such as redness, scratches, bruises, etc.

Do you hate men?

Absolutely not. I consider it an honor for a client/sub to submit to Me with total trust. It takes courage to be so vulnerable as to bare taboo desires. I know that I am often the first person to learn about these hidden desires and I take that responsibility seriously. As a Dominatrix, I am responsible for the psychological, spiritual and physical well-being of My sub. And, without them, I wouldn't have an outlet for expressing My sadistic kinky side!

I have seen movies with Dominatrices. Is that how it really is?

For the most part, no. Most of the time, Dominatrices are portrayed as man-hating bullies. The writers of these movies and shows don't understand the depth of the Domme/sub power dynamic and how much communication and care goes into these relationships. Also, subs are often portrayed as weak, mentally ill people! This also is not true. It's often quite the opposite and that is why they crave the sweet release of submission.

What if I can't afford an expensive gift or large tribute?

Personally, I appreciate generosity and honesty. I have received small tributes from admirers with a note saying they wished it could be more. While I love gifts and Financial Domination, I would never do so to the demise of someone else. Give what you can and what feels honoring to your Mistress.

Ready. Set. Submit!