About Mistress Chloe

Playful. Sadistic. Warm and Wicked… Quite possibly a wolf in sheep’s clothing

I love being your guide to shamelessly dive into the shadows of your taboo desires...

Truth be told, I am sure I was born kinky.

I have always had a natural openness and curiosity for the taboo side of life. Don’t even get Me started on what I had Barbie and Ken doing in the backyard! The minute I turned 18 I was the local adult bookstore, trying out whatever I could afford.  

Since then, I have been playing in different kinky spaces exploring and sampling life’s sexual buffet. It has been a healing self-discovery as well as an education. 

Before becoming a Professional Dominatrix, I played both as a sub and a Dominant and gained a deep appreciation for the power exchange that happens during play. I also learned that, yes, it is very true: with great power comes great responsibility. So when I decided to go pro, I found an amazing mentor and never looked back.

For Me, BDSM and being a Dominatrix is an infinitely creative exploration into the heights of what the body, mind and soul are capable of. It is an opportunity for deep intimacy that “real life” rarely offers and can therefore be healing and transformative, in addition to just plain deviant fun!

While I am very open-minded, I always play within the boundaries of SSC and RACK. SSC is what is considered Safe, Sane and Consensual in the pre-negotiations before and throughout a session. Risk Aware Consensual Kink, RACK, means that all parties are aware of potential consequences of certain types of play.

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It's been an honor to be in your presence, Mistress Chloe. There is something so exquisite about surrendering to you and being controlled, pushed and pulled to the point of sheer joy...
- sub k.h.

Some of My favorite ways to play...

Role Play

you have been very bad and Mean Mommy, Bad Boss or Cop needs to discipline you.


can include ropes, tape or being cuffed to a cross, table or spanking bench.

Sensation Play

hot wax, spiky things, maybe some soft sensual touches. I love playing with pleasure and pain!


can include ball busting, bondage to the cock and balls, and or sensation play 


I LOVE “forcing” you into soft silky panties and sexy heels. I will make you into a sweet slut for Me.

Impact Play

Flogging, spanking, paddling, caning, hair brush, shoe… just about anything can be used for discipline.

Foot/Boot/Fetish Worship

Bow before Me and worship My boots, nylons and feet. Kiss the ground I walk on before I use you for My pleasure.

Tease and Denial

So many ways to do this. Maybe tie you to the table and tease you into a state of complete painful, pleasure filled bliss. 

This List Is Not Exhaustive

If you have something in mind that you don’t see above, please ask. As long as it is not on My list of hard limits below, we can discuss it.

My Hard Limits.

These are non-negotiable. Do not insult Me or waste My time asking.

  • No switching or submitting to you in any way.
  • Red, Brown or Roman Showers
  • Heavy Degradation
  • Race Play
  • ABDL
  •  Wrestling or Boxing
  • Any activity that is illegal, unsafe or non-consensual
  • No drugs or alcohol before or during session

My Education and Training

Like I mentioned above, when I started thinking about becoming a Professional Dominatrix, I sought out a mentor. I consider Myself incredibly lucky and honored that I found Mistress Damiana Chi and Her Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy. Yes, I was born for this and natural talent is always made that much better by learning from the best that have walked the path before Me. Being mentored by Mistress Damiana and other world class Dominatrices has been both personally transformational and continues to be a supportive element in My professional growth

I am also currently enrolled in a Sex Coach and Consulting program with the Sexual Health Alliance with a focus on Kink!  My intention is to always be learning and becoming better and better at everything I do.


I am watching and waiting